Connectivity in Medical Technology


We are at the start of an industrial revolution in medical devices. The possibilities for medical devices to wirelessly collect, analyse and disseminate information as well as for controlling the device remotely are being realised. For example, there are already pacemakers which can be remotely monitored and programmed and blood glucose meters which stream data to a smart phone and the internet. There are a myriad of wirelessly connected devices in development such as smart phone control nerve stimulation devices, devices which monitor adherence to a prescribed therapeutic regimen and devices with medical mobile apps.


  • Hear the latest trends in wireless medical device development
  • Discover advances in mobile health products
  • Keep abreast of new technologies with the convergence of healthcare and consumer electronics
  • Consider the changing role of medical device manufactures in this field
  • Get an insight into advanced patient monitoring
  • Clarify the FDA a EU guidance on medical device software
  • Discover the opportunities for collaboration in healthcare solutions


Technical, marketing and commercial seniors:

  • Developers of connected medical devices
  • Marketeers promoting connected medical devices
  • Regulatory professionals
  • Those with conventional medical devices who wish to introduce connectivity

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